Aimed at 18 months to 5 year olds, with younger siblings welcome too. It's set in our beautiful woodland site in the South Hams. The sessions are 100% child led, each week there will be a small adult led activity on offer should the child wish to participate. Child led free play options available each week range from den building, mud kitchen, climbing, balancing, bug hunting, digging, swinging in hammocks or cosying up for a story. 

Being outside has so many wonderful benefits for us all. The sense of freedom and space helps children to grow in confidence as they are able to problem solve, manage risk and lead their own creative play and exploration.

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A typical session starts in the log circle where the children are invited to toast a small snack over the fire, we'll then sing our welcome song and introduce the adult led activity on offer such as tool work. The children are then able to explore the site freely with their grown up. After lots of freeplay and exploring we'll gather together for some parachute games or songs, finishing up with a story in the log circle. 

Outdoor sessions run in all weather, except high winds or electrical storms. Being outside immersed in nature really builds children's resilience, as the Scandinavian's say - 'There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing'We always provide free hot drinks of tea or coffee for the adults and hot chocolate in the colder months for the children - please remember to bring your own cups, plus snacks and a cold drink for your child if you wish.